Cleo Barking Back

A Day Out

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been such a long week for this little yellow dog. We’ve had lots of storms and that means we’ve been pent up in the house for what seems like an eternity. I get really bored when I am stuck inside for too long. Thankfully the weather took a lovely shift this morning and we were able to get outside and have a great play!

My favorite thing to do ever is to go down to the lake. We have a lovely lake that is never too busy, which means we can go there and get off the leash. I’m always surprised that no one is there because it really is a lovely place, with all sorts of things to do from swimming to grilling and they even have trails. I don’t think we’ve ever run into more than one or two people there before.

When we get in the car things are so exciting. Sometimes I’m scared because it could mean the lake or it could mean the vet and I never have fun at the vet. Patches always has fun in the car. She likes to stick her head out of the window. I personally don’t find it that fun but to each their own and I like to see her happy.

Once we get to the lake though it’s all fun for both of us. We usually go two at a time because our humans struggle when there are four of us (we are trouble makers and like to run off) and this time is was me and Patches. We had a great run around and Patches even got in the water! I’ve never been in the water yet but I think I might try next time, maybe, I’ll let Fudge try next and see if he likes it.

Sometimes we run too far off and the humans have to shout for us to come back. They don’t know that we only do that to get extra treats. It’s nice of them to always bring treats wherever we go.

There is also a bridge there too. We mostly run under it like you see here but we have all been over it at least once. It’s pretty up there but Patches is afraid of heights and she doesn’t have much fun up there. Oddly enough Patches is even afraid of being upstairs in the house. I’m not bothered really.

At any rate, now that I’ve had a good long play at the lake I’m pretty tired and ready for a long afternoon nap. I hope you all had a lovely week.

Little Yellow Dog.


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