Cleo Barking Back

Happy Sunday!

Did everyone get up to something fun this week? I hope you all managed to stay warm and cuddled up by your humans during that nasty winter storm. We didn’t get much of a storm here just a day of rain. When I look at all of the great pictures people have post of the amount of snow fall they received I don’t feel bad at all about be stuck inside on a rainy day.

I haven’t been up to much this week, just nosing about with my sisters and brothers. Sam has been chasing us around a lot since we were stuck inside with rain. I think he forgets he’s cat when we get inside the house, and to be honest we all forget we are dogs because we run away like we are mice or something. However, when we go outside things change and we chase him around and then he runs like a proper cat.

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is this week! I hope we get some extra special treats to celebrate. We love it that our humans include us in all of the holiday celebrations. I bet we get either homemade doggy treats or some nice bones with red ribbons, that’s what we had in past years.

I’m going to run off now and see what I can dig up to talk about next week. I hope everything you dig up ends up to be treasures.

♥ Little Yellow Dog


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One thought on “Happy Sunday!

  1. No rain or snow here but it sure is COLD! Dexter is being a sleepy boy and snoring the day away as usual! Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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